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  • 炸金牛

    Web Development at DesignContest

    炸金牛Uncompromised Quality, Mature Project Management, Top Expertise, In-house Dedicated Team

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    Complete Web Presence Solutions

    Competitor Research

    炸金牛 From the search engines presence to social programs, our digital marketing experts use unique technologies to suggest your brand's rapid growth

    Strategy Development

    Out in-house team of experts develops strategic roadmap from the minimal viable prototype to your full scale highly competitive product

    Requirements Documentation

    炸金牛 We can help you develop the requirements documentation to prevent scope creep, re-work and to facilitate the most efficient development process


    炸金牛 We make sure that your web site works 100% on all devices and all browsers without loosing any functionality or usability


    Our usability experts work hand to hand with the designers and the developers to gain top website user experience for your visitors

    Conversion Optimization

    We use latest A/B testing technologies to define your landing pages’ maximum conversion rate from your audience segment

    Wordpress, Joomla...

    We work with all versions of Wordpress, Joomla, and many other content management systems to deliver full-featured, easy to manage web portals

    PHP Frameworks

    炸金牛 For fully custom, highly secured solutions our experts use latest php frameworks like Zend, Yii, Symphony, Kohana

    Mobile Apps

    Years of experience in mobile applications development result in top performing, beautiful iOS and Android apps using latest SDKs


    Years of experience and knowledge of the latest algorithmic changes allow our dedicated SEO staff to develop proven to work white-hat SEO programs


    Our social marketers can develop full scale social marketing program to gain your brand’s share of voice, users’ engagement and drive additional sales


    炸金牛 We can help you develop and execute your PPC marketing campaigns, while optimizing for top performing keywords and PPC channels.


    炸金牛 We provide cost effective professional staffing solutions specializing in development, marketing and support.

    Resource Management

    炸金牛 Our management strategies ensure that you only pay for the time your resources perform the work

    Knowledge Transfer

    We facilitate your internal staff training and develop custom training materials as required

    Our Services

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    炸金牛Web Development

    Web development of any complexity. Quickly, efficiently and affordably. We like to solve your problems.

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    Process Optimization

    Optimization of all processes of your site. We can make you a faster, better and unforgettable. Your success brings us happiness.

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    炸金牛Technical Support

    We are ready to provide you with any support. You get any help at any time. Your confort — thats our goal.

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    炸金牛Web Hosting

    Our partners will be gladely host your website. Get quality at the lowest prices. We will help you to chose the best.

    Projects types

    • Promo sites
    • HTML/CSS
    • E-Commerce
    • Mobile Apps
    • Integration

    New Google Mobile Algorithm!

    炸金牛 As of 21 April 2015 Google’s new mobile algorithm will drop your website in the mobile search results if your website is not mobile friendly. Contact us for free quote to develop your website responsive for all devices and comply with latest Google Webmaster’s Guidelines for maximum search engine visibility and ranking.


    Why are we best?


    We possess 100+ years of combined web development and digital marketing expertise. We stand with pride above the competition by delivering quality and innovation in digital space

    Project Management

    Our mature transparent management processes enable us to complete client’s requirements with top quality, on time and on budget, while proactively preventing the re-work and cost overruns.


    Your dedicated project manager can be reached at any time using client’s preferred communication method.


    炸金牛Our clients get real time project updates through easy to use collaborative tools, while delivering maximum transparency in the project execution and control.

    Our works

    • Work 1
      Anja Skrba

      Anja Skrba

      I’m really impressed by all the hard work. Thank you!

    • Work 2
      Basyl Dinkov

      炸金牛Basyl Dinkov

      炸金牛Highly recommend DC for those that need a new website.

    • Work 3
      Pavel Zagorskiy

      炸金牛Pavel Zagorskiy

      炸金牛Absolutely love the new app! Amazing work as usually.

    • Work 4
      Larson Argo

      Larson Argo

      Another great experience with DC. Great team work!

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